We live in a digital age, almost everybody even my grandma uses social media, and now social media is the new lead generator.

Many consumers prefer shopping online rather than in-store. Therefore, E-commerce businesses needs to focus on social media, because customers are there.

One of the reason of using social media is because it is free to use. Before social media, people were mainly doing offline marketing which included advertisement on monitors and billboards. Costs of that advertisements are very expensive and is not effective when we compare it with digital marketing.

Therefore, businesses need to focus on social media marketing more than any other channels, because it is free.You just need a good writing skills to post interesting posts regularly for your audience. It gets you backlink to your e-commerce website right on your account page . The more traffic you get from social networks the better you rank on search engines as well. Google grades you according your social media activity.

I will teach you some other tricks which can increase your website’s conversion rate through social media.

1.Social Login

Social login allows users to use access and register on websites using their social network profiles such as Facebook,Twitter and Google plus. According to research by WebHostingBuzz, 86% of customers reported that they are being bothered by filling out registration forms. So, by adding Social login you can  simplify the signup process and solve this kind of problem on your website.Moreover, you can get more verified information about your users such as their already verified email account, age, interests , and gender as well. Social login needs to be added at checkout page as well to decrease cart abandonment and improve conversation rate.

2.Share to get discounts

People adds social share button to their blogs to get more visibility on social networks, and of course more traffic to their website. Same strategy applies to ecommerce website.You just need to offer your customers discount if they share product on social media. In return, there is a chance that their friends and family will also visit your website to buy the same product. Thats gonna be another backlink which can help to boost ranking on search engines. I have impelemented this strategy to my ecommerce website as well.

share to get discount on social media


Offer affiliate programs to bloggers

youtube affiliate blogging

Most of the bloggers which review products are earning lots of money from affiliate blogging. They get commissions when they sell someone else’s product. Find bloggers who review products which you have on your website, and ask them to place your affiliate link with their own codes on their  social media to earn commissions.


Better customer service


facebook support

Customer service is an important job in any e-commerce website. Customers need to reach you easily. So, you can use social media to build up trust and your customers can reach you easily. It would be better if facebook messenger bot installed on you website.Because, there are 1.79 billion daily active facebook users.